Venus Transit Meditation

by Former White Hat

Since this transit and retrograde has much to do with the past, where the birds come home to roost, my suggestion for meditation is:

Fill your glass of milk and focus and think about un-finished business in the past, relationships that went wrong, friendships that went south, people you betrayed and who betrayed you, lies you told that hurt others, lies others told that hurt you; missed opportunities, dreams not chased, ideas not followed, plans unrealized…see the alternate universes in the water, see your other lives…call to you those people from your past where business or closure needs to be done, where wounds need to be healed, lies fixed, betrayals forgiven.

Also, in this transit, in the Age of Aquarius, focus on your ascension and the best way, for you, to get there — if, of course, you feel you are completely ready to leave everything in the Third Density reality behind, because you won’t be taking anything with you but your naked body and naked soul.

Don’t worry, a wardrobe will be there in the 5D for you — whatever you desire to manifest, whatever fashion you can imagine.

Drink your charged milk.