Asshats from the GAL

by Former White Hat

Reviewing my male doppleganger’s blog, I will list the GAL-Universe counterparts of the following:

Bobby Joe Fanin: In the GAL, Bobbi-Jo Fanin, with fake name Roberta Deatra O’Finnegan, a hillbilly white trash wannabe “superbitch soldier” from the Republic of Kentucky, who cons people out of King’s Gold with her pal, Kelly Mirandas, a black warlock of the Cabal. In high school, her nickname was Bobbi Sox and the guys in the locker room often said, “That Bobbi Sox loves to suck them cox!”

I happen to have pix of some of them from my U-Phone I had on me when I fell thru the portal. Here is Bobbi Jo, always eating and drinking:

Randy Maugans: Randi Maugans, a bull dyke lesbian who likes to dress in men’s clothes, not very bright.

Dave Corso: Donna Corso, a cranky old butch who also likes to wear men’s clones and raises hellcats. Former black ops hit slit assassin bitch.

Sean David Morton: Shawna Diane Morton, a rather large and wound remote viewer, popular with her holographic internet talk show, possibly a clone.

David Wilcock: Donna Wilcunt, cries a lot when her life is threatened.

Bill Brockbrader: Wilma Brocknaught, former WAVE Special Ops, former CIA, sexy and slender, was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old boy and court martialed for it,  She refused to send a missile into Israel that would kill a school of children and became a whistleblower against the Royal Navy of Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Eva Moore: Ed Less, agent for the Office of Calgary Intel, romantically linked to Wilma, was transformed into a direwolf and then cloned.

Kerry Cassidy: Kenneth Cassidy, interviewer for Project Lancelot for whistleblowers against the Cabal of the Empress and all monarchs of the Republics of the North and South Americas.

Bill Ryan: Wanda Ryan, replaced by a turtle shapechanger.

Anya Briggs: Andy Briggs, remote viewer he-man soldier and alien contactee.

James Rink: Janet Rank, mousey little girl who was used to psychically operate male clones of herself.

Drake: Lady Dragon, spokesperson for the Menopausal Former Female Warriors of the Monarchy (MFFWM) who are planning to end the rule by throne and make the world a democracy.

Deatra Loomer: Donald Loomis, a con artist for Freedom from Thrones, a group of anti-Monarch citizens.