Laying Low in the DERN-Universe Timeline #33

by Former White Hat

I have to keep three steps ahead of the Naval Alternate Universe Tactical Office, whose agents are trying to round-up everyone from the GAL-Universe who found themselves transported to the DERN-Universe after the Mantoids opened a portal to escape the Daughters of the Phoenix and the Ruby Spiders from the Moons of Uranus.

Many things in the DERN are different from the universe I hail from; in the GAL, John McCain was the Monarch of the United Republics of North America and had a heart attack in his third week on the throne, advancing the Dutchess of Alaska, Sarah Palin, to Monarch Regent. She is a tyrant like no other. Perhaps we would have been better off had the Duke of Kenya, Barack Obama, won the battle as Monarch. They are all of the evil Cabal and working for the Empress of the World, Elizabeth of the Anglo-Saxxon-Aryan Realm.

Prior to the McCain/Palin monarchy, the Earl of the Southern States, Al Gore, was Monarch, and before that, the Lord of the West, Ronald Regan, riled for three terms and would have had a fourth had he not choked to death on a green jelly bean.

The biggest difference, for me, is that my doppelgänger here in the DERN is a man. We are the same person, same soul, similar lives, but in the DERN our soul incarnated in a male body while in the GAL, we incarnated in a female body.

My former colleague, Jane Michelle Casbolt, met her male counterpart, James Casbolt from the DERN, when he was trapped in the GAL. She followed him back to the DERN and here I understand she is now some sort of famous pop singer out of Project Monarch. I look forward to see my old friend again, we had many adventures together, especially when we fought the ruby spiders on Mars and in their nest deep inside the Uranus moon Oberon.

I have no idea how to return to the GAL. We are thinking James Casbolt will know because he found a way to leave the GAL and return to the return that is DERN.

For now, I am being kept safe by my male counterpart, whom I will call F.W. Hat, and his Plejaran friends.

You can call me A.F.W. Hat.

Also odd: Asket is a female here in the DERN. In the GAL, I work with a male Plejaran named Askart.

It will be hard to adjust if I am stuck here for a long period of time…or forever…