We Had no Red-Hair Giants in the GAL Universe…

by Former White Hat

Diamond Spiders have been attacking and eating villagers in central Chile. The red-haired giants have come up from underground, again, and started to fight the spiders. Reports have it that the giants, with their strength, are able to tear off the legs of the spiders. While the giants do not seem to be able to crack the exoskeleton around the body, a spider without legs cannot move and will eventually die from bleeding and starvation.

We could have used these giants in the GAL-Universe…but we do not have a Chile in my universe. Much of the Realm of South America was claimed by the Aryan Kingdom 400 years ago, now under control of the Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Empire of Empress Elizabeth. Whenever there is a uprusing against Her Divine Rule, she nukes the area, so now that half of that continent is a nuclear wasteland.

Maybe I forgot to mention that Empress Elizabeth has sat on her throne for 500 years now. She is a reptilian and they live 3-5,000 years.  She took the throne when she was a sprite 250 years of age, a young girl in reptilian years.