The Return of Alasister Crowley

by Former White Hat

And here is what happened on the Vernal Equinx, Sept 21, 11:11 am:

A version of Stewart Swerdlow from 1993, long with two versions of Preston Nichols, both manipulating time from Montauk, snatched Alasiatr Crowley from Italy in 1934 and brought him forward to Sept 21, 2012.

“The final phases of the Moonchild;s fulfuillment now begins,” laughed Crowley.

Where did he emerge in our time?  The Bush compound in Texas, to see his four grandsons…the four pillars…the four horsemen…

This had all been arranged after the conception of Barbara Pierce  in a Moonchild Ritual, with mother Pauline Pierce and the two father donars, Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard; through much sex magic and reachings into time, a young Stewart Swerdlow, who as a kid was sent back to Crowley in 1945 during the war, agreed to bring the 1934 Crowley to 2012 when the time was right.