Memoirs of an Alternate Universe Former White Hat


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Timeline B, variants 5-7

The Emperor of Time is dead. He was never an emperor of shit but a ruse. He was me. He was a male doppelgänger of me from the FAL-Universe, an evil male me.

I will let me male counterpart from the DAL explain it.

I really do wanna go home. This DAL-Universe is insane. I don’t know how you people deal with it. No wonder there are so many idiots and morons here…at first I thought it was due to high population, that there is no survival of the strong only here, or that many of you have lives of false comfort, you don’t face nuclear war and insane monarchs ruling over your life everyday…now I think it is a form of denial, of hiding from the insanity of this universe…you people cannot face the insane head-on so you dumb yourself down with video games and TV and American Idol.

Sometimes I think this DAL Earth should be blown up and the humans here start all over from Square One, but for some reason you are closer to Ascension than we are in the GAL. For some reason many beings of other worlds have come here to be human for a life or two; for some reason the Plejarans believe humanity has the potential to be as great as the Lyrans once were.

At least the pecking order has some logic. I know the idiots, assholes, morons and nincompoops of humanity (people like Drake, Bobby Joe, Bush, et al, and some of you who read this blog too) will not ascend and will be wiped off the earth like she was wiping shit with one big piece of t.p.


The EoT Unmasked!

Holy fucking shit! The Emperor of Time is really a clone of Drake that was flung into trillions of years in the future. That is why he looks like Drake. That is the true Drake connection to everything. Why hasn’t my counterpart revealed this to the world? He thinks no one will accept it. He cannot even accept it. The world is a strange place and reality is weirder than fiction. If he does not tell this story soon, I will when I come back from my time mission. But what if I am successful in stopping EoT? Now that I know who he is a clone of, I know his weakness.

Time Travel Issues

I have gone back a week into time in an attempt to thwart the Emperor of Time and each effort has proven nill. Do I need to go further back? I am beginning to feel this is hopeless and the WingMakers and the EoT will do whatever the fuck they want, these crazy fuckers.

Why are there so many egomaniacs out there wishing for compete rule and control out there?

Well, I know the answer, in the GAL-Universe they are even more crazy and power-hungry among the monarchs.


I will try again, perhaps go back two weeks in time.