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The Return of Alasister Crowley

And here is what happened on the Vernal Equinx, Sept 21, 11:11 am:

A version of Stewart Swerdlow from 1993, long with two versions of Preston Nichols, both manipulating time from Montauk, snatched Alasiatr Crowley from Italy in 1934 and brought him forward to Sept 21, 2012.

“The final phases of the Moonchild;s fulfuillment now begins,” laughed Crowley.

Where did he emerge in our time?  The Bush compound in Texas, to see his four grandsons…the four pillars…the four horsemen…

This had all been arranged after the conception of Barbara Pierce  in a Moonchild Ritual, with mother Pauline Pierce and the two father donars, Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard; through much sex magic and reachings into time, a young Stewart Swerdlow, who as a kid was sent back to Crowley in 1945 during the war, agreed to bring the 1934 Crowley to 2012 when the time was right.


August 4

The naughty boys tried…but we stopped them.

The Emperor of Time Defeated

But at what price?

Turnip Gas

BUUUURP…excuse me…caught, killed and ate a Penepopootaknuatieh Meoantanu’i Hahakenbofawhu’ia turnip this morning in Greece, it attempting to eat some old Greeks on the beach and shouting shit about karma….kinda tasty…hope it doesn’t….FAARRTRRRT….whoops that was unlady like, tee-hee…hope it doesn’t cause an interplanetary incident…BUUURRRRP.

It screamed when I took that first bite.

We Had no Red-Hair Giants in the GAL Universe…

Diamond Spiders have been attacking and eating villagers in central Chile. The red-haired giants have come up from underground, again, and started to fight the spiders. Reports have it that the giants, with their strength, are able to tear off the legs of the spiders. While the giants do not seem to be able to crack the exoskeleton around the body, a spider without legs cannot move and will eventually die from bleeding and starvation.

We could have used these giants in the GAL-Universe…but we do not have a Chile in my universe. Much of the Realm of South America was claimed by the Aryan Kingdom 400 years ago, now under control of the Anglo-Saxon-Aryan Empire of Empress Elizabeth. Whenever there is a uprusing against Her Divine Rule, she nukes the area, so now that half of that continent is a nuclear wasteland.

Maybe I forgot to mention that Empress Elizabeth has sat on her throne for 500 years now. She is a reptilian and they live 3-5,000 years.  She took the throne when she was a sprite 250 years of age, a young girl in reptilian years.

Asshats from the GAL

Reviewing my male doppleganger’s blog, I will list the GAL-Universe counterparts of the following:

Bobby Joe Fanin: In the GAL, Bobbi-Jo Fanin, with fake name Roberta Deatra O’Finnegan, a hillbilly white trash wannabe “superbitch soldier” from the Republic of Kentucky, who cons people out of King’s Gold with her pal, Kelly Mirandas, a black warlock of the Cabal. In high school, her nickname was Bobbi Sox and the guys in the locker room often said, “That Bobbi Sox loves to suck them cox!”

I happen to have pix of some of them from my U-Phone I had on me when I fell thru the portal. Here is Bobbi Jo, always eating and drinking:

Randy Maugans: Randi Maugans, a bull dyke lesbian who likes to dress in men’s clothes, not very bright.

Dave Corso: Donna Corso, a cranky old butch who also likes to wear men’s clones and raises hellcats. Former black ops hit slit assassin bitch.

Sean David Morton: Shawna Diane Morton, a rather large and wound remote viewer, popular with her holographic internet talk show, possibly a clone.

David Wilcock: Donna Wilcunt, cries a lot when her life is threatened.

Bill Brockbrader: Wilma Brocknaught, former WAVE Special Ops, former CIA, sexy and slender, was arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old boy and court martialed for it,  She refused to send a missile into Israel that would kill a school of children and became a whistleblower against the Royal Navy of Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Eva Moore: Ed Less, agent for the Office of Calgary Intel, romantically linked to Wilma, was transformed into a direwolf and then cloned.

Kerry Cassidy: Kenneth Cassidy, interviewer for Project Lancelot for whistleblowers against the Cabal of the Empress and all monarchs of the Republics of the North and South Americas.

Bill Ryan: Wanda Ryan, replaced by a turtle shapechanger.

Anya Briggs: Andy Briggs, remote viewer he-man soldier and alien contactee.

James Rink: Janet Rank, mousey little girl who was used to psychically operate male clones of herself.

Drake: Lady Dragon, spokesperson for the Menopausal Former Female Warriors of the Monarchy (MFFWM) who are planning to end the rule by throne and make the world a democracy.

Deatra Loomer: Donald Loomis, a con artist for Freedom from Thrones, a group of anti-Monarch citizens.

Mixed Up Universes

Teams from the Naval Alternate Universe Tactical Office (NAUTO) and the Daughters of the Phoenix from the GAL-universe have shown up in this DERN-universe and have no idea how they got here. Seems it has to do with the incident in Bolivia and that flash of light and missing time many of us experienced.  Doppelgangers of certain officers are also around, some showing up at home and finding themselves there or a wife and children they do not know…

More later on this very strange thingamajiggy…